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CityRover NY

Started by William Grim, 2010-05-28T22:16:51-05:00 (Friday)

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William Grim

Hello, everyone,

I feel like spreading some shameless plugs about an app I developed (and continue to develop) on the iPhone for CityRover Media called CityRover NY.  Currently, it's rocketed to spot as a TOP 50 FREE travel app in the Apple app store, and it's free through Memorial Day!  Check out last night's launch party pics here!

NY isn't that far away for a lot of you, and some of you may end up here either for interviews, accepted jobs, or vacation.  This app has lots of features to help you learn about the city from a local's standpoint:

  • Listings of local restaurants, bars, lodging, clubs, etc. (big chains not listed):

    • One-click phone numbers and turn-by-turn directions to locations.
    • Instructions for public transport to locations.
    • Well-taken photo galleries of each location.
    • Ability to share locations with friends and find other locations similar to the one you are viewing.
    • Sort locations according to borough, neighborhood, type of food, drink, music, etc.
    • Find all listed locations within user-specified miles from you.

  • Guided tours of the city:

    • Descriptions of your tour, along with galleries and movie previews of your walk.
    • Audio recordings giving some background information on your tour.  Learn some interesting facts not even most locals know.
    • Sort your walks according to NY borough, neighborhood, length, etc.

  • Trivia and scavenger hunts to test your knowledge of the city and learn more about it.

  • Ability to "favorite" any walk or listing and find it again immediately in your favorites list.

These are most of the features in the current app.  In the future, we will be bringing this app to the iPad and adding several more cities to the list!  We will also be adding social networking and capability to work with large existing websites like Yelp in the future!

Since it's a free app, you definitely have to check it out.  :-)  (No ads in it yet, but do expect those in an upcoming release.)
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

Adam C

Congrats on the success of your app man, I've seen your tweets about it. Looks cool, if I had an iPhone I'd pick it up for sure.

William Grim

Thanks a lot!  Definitely check it out if you ever get the chance.  I think he still has it listed for free, but if not, I can get my hands on free coupons for it.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


Congrats Mike!!! I still remember you telling me about the secret project you were working on. Is that it? Is it going to make you bunch of money? How did you get all those sexy girls for your party? :)

William Grim


No, it's not the same project.  That was another project that I still haven't completed due to lack of time and my waning interest in implementing it after having solved the problem.

We live in New York!  By default, girls are generally sexier here, ha ha (more walking and more health conscious out this way).  The girls are my girlfriend, his girlfriend, his girlfriend's twin, and other random people at that place.  Plus, it was a snazzy rooftop bar, and it attracts young business people (and partiers).
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


Congratulations Grim  on your app reaching among those top spots.  I think it is high time our CS curriculum includes courses on smart phone development, Rich internet application development etc. Also it would not hurt if we have some courses on cloud computing which I think is the future. I think these courses will make the graduated students less alienated to the job market and more pertinent to the twenty first century.

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