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Need apartment advice, please help

Started by vopros, 2010-06-17T10:32:41-05:00 (Thursday)

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I am looking into moving to Devon Ct. apartment.
If anyone lived there or knows anything about the place, either good or bad, please let me know. Especially if it is something negative, please share soon. You can either post here or send me a message.

Thank you!


I've lived there and had friends that lived there as well.  It depends on which management company runs the apartments as to how well they are maintained.  We lived in apartments run by H&P management (I think) and they were always prompt with repairs and easy to work with.
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William Grim

I also lived in that area with the same management.  They were always fantastic.  Never had problems with the neighbors.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


Thank you so much for reply, it helped a lot. I signed the lease and moved in already. Love it so far!