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Intro to Android Presentation being given by the Gateway Java User's Group

Started by Robert Kennedy, 2010-09-28T12:41:31-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Robert Kennedy

I just figured I'd pass this message along in case anyone was interested in Android development.  The Gateway Java User's Group (http://www.gatewayjug.org/) is doing an intro to Android programming presentation for this month's group meeting on October 5th.  I've been going to this group's meetings for the past 3 or 4 months, and I've found them to be well planned and presented.  They're also catered and sponsored by various job recruiters.  There's also generally some door prizes as well, but that varies from month to month. 

Of course there is one problem...they meet in Chesterfield.  If you don't mind the drive though, it is a great way to learn some new technologies from some people that have been working in the industry in and around STL.  Anyway, the Groovy meeting starts at 6pm, and is proceeded by the Java User's group at 7.