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Software Developers Needed - Genome Center at Washington Univ. St. Louis

Started by Jerry, 2010-09-06T14:16:11-05:00 (Monday)

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(Note: we have a couple of alumni working here, and they enjoy it --Jerry).

Software Developer — Analysis Developers

Job Description
The Genome Center at Washington University has an opening for a talented software engineer. The applicant would work with an experienced development staff to translate work done by analysts into automated scalable systems for mining knowledge from data.

Job Qualifications
The ideal candidate has a talent and love for writing software, is interested in developing that skill, and is interested in applying it to a production environment. The successful candidate will be able to learn new things on a regular basis, think critically, and collaborate with other developers. The environment is fast-paced and a person who likes to get things done will find a lot of opportunity. Experience with bio-informatics is not required.

Applicant will work with experienced development staff to help build high quality, scalable tools for data management. Design, testing, debugging, and problem analysis are a regular part of the work. Skills in abstract software design, object-oriented architecture, and relational data modeling will be built upon. The applicant will also produce graphical user interfaces and work with software end-users.

Proficiency in dynamically-typed languages (Perl, Ruby, Python, Lua, etc.) is a plus, but not required. Understanding of relational databases and SQL will be helpful. The developer will do test-driven, "agile" development. Regular work will be done in GNU/Linux and other UNIX-like development environments. Familiarity with open source technologies, version control software, and programming in a network environment are also assets.

Education and Experience Requirements
Candidates should be working toward a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or related field) or have equivalent work experience.

Please send a cover letter and resume to jmaus@wustl.edu
or write to:

Administrative Director
The Genome Center - Campus Box 8501
4444 Forest Park Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108
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Jim Eldred

Thank you very much Dr. Weinberg!

My name is Jim Eldred and I work at the Genome Center.  Scott Smith and I manage a team of 15 developers that are working to put together a world class open source suite of software to analyze data from the Genome Centers array of sequencing machines.  We work directly with scientists here at the center and collaborators all over the world to answer questions important to human health. Our focus over the last few years has been cancer research, but we also are currently doing work for the Human Microbiome Project.  If you have a passion for software engineering and the job description that Dr. Weinberg posted looks interesting to you please send your resume to me. jeldred@genome.wustl.edu
We also plan to attend the career fair on October 7th if we don't see you before then.


Jim Eldred
Operations Manager for Analysis Developers
The Genome Center
Washington University School of Medicine

Brent Beer


Robert Kennedy

Slight add, A recruiter for other Java Development positions from WashU showed up at last month's Java Users Group (http://java.ociweb.com/javasig/).  I actually didn't get their name because I wasn't actively looking for a job at the time.  No clue if they will be at the meeting again tonight, but I suppose there's a chance.  The talk tonight is on the Google Web Toolkit, which seems pretty interesting to me at least.