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Winsock (mswnsck.ocx) memeory leak

Started by Michael James Carey, 2002-08-27T22:19:00-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Michael James Carey

I have a DDE server created using VB 6.0, it utilizes a pool of winsock controls.  System resources are not properly replenished when a Winsock control is unloaded from memory, as a result the system must be rebooted every couple months.  It is not possible to redesign the system, as the data provider (lantronix serial server) often loses communication with the control PC; forcing an unload/reload of the winsock pool.  Microsoft offers no suggestions to fix this, does anyone have any ideas?  

Peter Motyka

Perhaps you could utilize the direct dll access of Visual Basic.  You should be able to access fuctionality of winsock32.dll without having to go through the flawed ocx.  This would be an option if your application is not heavily dependent on advanced functionality of the ocx control.  You mentioned the socket pool and the might be an issue, something to look into...

Anyway, I dont really have first hand experience with this subject, but this option came to mind.  

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Michael James Carey


That's a good idea, I'll have to look into that.