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Started by thatguy, 2010-12-04T17:11:08-06:00 (Saturday)

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Have there been any meetings recently?  The last thing I see is a game night a month ago.

#Something witty

Tangent Orchard

I was thinking about attending that one, too, but I had some general questions to ask that I didn't wanna bug anyone in particular with...but there was no forum topic on it.  Is there any way there could be like forum discussion topics to mirror CAOS meetings, perchance?  I know I'd be interested in that.

William Grim

Well, it's clear that the officers don't want to continue these forums.  That's fine.  What I'd like to see now is some of the forum functionality brought to the main site.  For starters, allowing people to comment on topics posted by the officers on the main site.  Then, eventually, allowing people to post their own topics under a separate section (i.e. forums, like they have now) in which users can comment.  From there, the main site can advance to include more features to make it easier to use, but that's a good start.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley