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Senior projects, old and new

Started by Greg Chabala, 2013-07-10T22:05:34-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Greg Chabala

Greetings to all who still read this forum.

Some time ago, the SIUE Computer Science website maintained a listing of senior projects, with their membership, presentations, and other related artifacts, for both recently completed projects and previous semesters.

Once it was here: http://www.cs.siue.edu/SeniorProjects/

Then it moved to: http://www.cs.siue.edu/projects/senior/

Currently both links are broken. I don't mean to imply that CAOS has any direct relationship to the operation of www.cs.siue.edu, but I thought it might be worth asking here first. Does anyone know if these projects are still available online? And if not, does anyone have contacts with the maintainers of the CS department website, that they might be asked if this resource could be made available again?

I realize it's summer break, but if you're reading this you're likely closer to campus than I am, and may have better luck in finding someone to help.

Greg Chabala


The project sites have just been unarchived.  The front pages that listed the senior projects were not transferred to the drupal system when that switch was made though, so you will have to know the full address of the site that you were looking for (e.g. http://www.cs.siue.edu/projects/senior/2004/3/5/).  All of the senior projects had URL's of the form http://www.cs.siue.edu/projects/senior/<year>/<semester=1|2|3>/<group#>/