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Death of the Forum

Started by richbria90, 2012-01-20T01:37:07-06:00 (Friday)

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The time has come to kill off these forums. I know some may be upset with this decision but we are here to further technology and this technology is old and possibly dangerous.  See http://caos.cs.siue.edu/forums/index.php/topic,2359.msg12041/topicseen.html#msg12041 for the whole spiel. 

The good news is CAOS hasn't died yet.  A group of our current upper classmen (including myself) have relaunched it this semester.  We are planning on starting it right again.  If you haven't noticed Kyle Turley and I have revamped the blog with some cool features and facebook connectivity.  Please check it out because feedback is appreciated.  http://caos.siue.edu  You will notice the sidebar has a link to a facebook page.  This will be the new home for CAOS communication. Facebook has easy access so people might actually chat back.  I encourage any one who has actually read this to join in on the conversation. 

We will be having an Open House on Wed. January 25.  Anyone that is free stop by and get some free pizza and soda.  Big things are happening and we would like our alumni to be a part of it.  If your too lazy to navigate twice http://www.facebook.com/pages/CAOS-Computer-Association-of-SIUe/355085517836611 is the CAOS facebook page.

Also, we will be archiving the posts and information to reach out to our alumni via email eventually.  However, if you know someone else's email feel free to pass on the information. 

I expect these forums to be left up for approximately 1 month.  After that we will be left with facebook and the blog.  If you have any questions you can email us at CAOSiue@gmail.com.




See if this was facebook I would have already like that.  Nicely done Admin