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Funny Stories about Faculty (My Favorite ...)

Started by Jerry, 2002-12-17T17:20:48-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Its ok to poke fun at faculty, but we need to be sure not to single out an individual.

Sooooo, I'll start the fun by telling a couple of my own stories:

The first time I ever taught a class I asked my wife, Lori, to pose as a student for the first day so she could give me some consturctive critisism. She said everytime I turned my back to the board the entire front row would look at each other and shake their heads like "I have no idea what this guy is taling about".

And of course:

When I hand out course evals in CS 321 I ask the class to be sure and practice constructive critisism: "Don't just say 'Jerry Sucks', tell me how I suck and how I can suck less"  :-)
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