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[Survey] Fav-or-ite CS Faculty

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2002-11-07T03:46:42-06:00 (Thursday)

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Elizabeth Weber

It's time to vote for your Favorite CS Faculty member, to be nominated for an award in teaching.
(Note: must be a faculty member, therefore only those listed here are eligible)
~Elizabeth Weber


I believe, uh, like-ah-know uh, you left off Dr. Fujinoki, Socratis, Klein, Bhatia, Dooly.

Are they not faculty members?
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Only faculty who have taught here for more than two years are eligible for the award.

Dr. Fujinoki, Dr. Bhatia, and Dr. Dooley have only been here one year or less.

Socratis Tornaritis, Steve Klein, Lori Tetzner, and Joe Grant are instructors (faculty members are tenured or tenure-track employees).
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If i cant vote for tetzner i can't vote because I dont know anyone else :(  

Ryan Lintker

Well, I'm confused.  Should it be our favorite teacher, as proclaimed in the post, or should it be the "best" teacher in the department, as indicated in the Poll header?  There is something about this whole poll that makes me uneasy.  Maybe if I knew what kind of award it was, the name of the award, or the sponsor of the award, I would feel more comfortable casting a vote.
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The School of Engineering gives out one or two "Teaching Merit Awards" each year. And the University gives out an "Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award".

This is how it works in the School of Engineering. The Departments nominate faculty for the awards to the Dean. Usually this the nomination is solicited from a student organization associated with the Department.

The School of Engineering's Executive Committee consisting of the Department Chairs, the Associate Dean, and The Dean choose one of the nominated faculty to represent our School at the University Level.

A University Level committee then chooses one person among the faculty nominated from each School to win the award (money and prestige).
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Elizabeth Weber

Thank you all for voting.
The results have been passed along.
~Elizabeth Weber