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Greatest DVD releases

Started by Aaron Drake, 2002-12-10T19:02:17-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Aaron Drake

What are the FIVE greatest DVD releases in your collection, taking into account the quality of the movie AND the quality of the DVD (audio/video and supplements)?

My votes are for:

   1. Fight Club
   2. The Matrix
   3. Se7en
   4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
   5. Memento
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Ryan Lintker

I don't know that I have more than five dvds, but of the ones I have, here's how they finish.

1. Blazing Saddles
2. Lonesome Dove (six hours of tv western!)

sounds like I'm a western guy, but I'm really not

3. Swordfish
4. Entrapment

Now the western feel is gone, figure out for yourselves what the qualities in those two movies are.

And my final dvd,
5. Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon
I've got that one cause I was at the concert that was filmed.
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Well, most of the DVD's I've bought I thought were very very good (which was the reason I bought them).
So I'll just mention a few of the really good ones:

Fight Club - A lot of originality, and overall a good movie

Office Space (A Good comedy, it's like a CS Major who reads Dilbert made this movie!)

American Beauty - Also a fairly "original" movie with some good plot twists (it's not a movie you can predict what's going to happen - you don't know how it ends until the very end)

Die Hard - With a Vengence - A lot of bad words, but lots of explosions, humor, and generally very good.  (It's got the world trade center in a couple of scenes in the background, too).  Samuel L. Jackson + Bruce Willis make a good combo.

Aliens - the second movie of the series (not to be confused with "Alien" or the one about the prison planet); For some reason they almost never show this movie on TV, although IMHO it's probably the best one... (I mean, Paul Reiser dies it in, so it HAS to be good, right?!  :-) ) Again, an action flick, but pretty good.

And then there are quite a few of Arnold Scwarzenegger's older "classic" movies that are at least worth a watch - i.e. Total Recall, The Running Man, Commando, Predator, etc.  They seem to be more entertaining than most of his newer movies.  The one liners are just amazing :-) .


One of the greatest movie trilogies of all time is coming to DVD! Back To The Future will be here sometime this month (I forget the exact release date). That's right, all three movies remastered in glorious widescreen format and 5.1 ch surround. Added features, comentaries by Michael J. Fox, George Lucas, Steven Speilberg, and one other unknown guy. Back To The Future I will be the greatest DVD of all time. Well, until Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, and 6 come out. They do plan to release them one DVD once episodes 1, 2, and 3 have all ccome out. They plan on release all 6 in a special box set that I'm sure will cost like $200.

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Chris Swingler

I'm gonna put a vote in for...

Yellow Submarine.

Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator


The 21 greatest Movies/DVD's of all time in order:
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Ghandi
3. Braveheart
4. Glory
5. Gladiator
6. Patton
7. Men of Honor
8. Star Wars-all of 'em
9. Saving Private Ryan
10. Field of Dreams
11. The Green Mile
12. Forrest Gump
13. Fallen
14. K-Pax
15. Young Guns I and II
16. Tombstone
17. Matrix
18. Top Gun
19. Nothing to Lose
20. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
21. Back to the Future


Gary Mayer


Akira (for generally bringin anime to the US, good story, great soundtrack - though IMHO it's a poor choice for a first-timers movie)

Ghost in a Shell (for an all around incredible artistry, storyline, attention to detail, you name it)

BubbleGum Crisis (original series for enjoyable story, fun soundtrack)

The Slayers (all around fun and can't-wait-to-see-the-next-one storyline)

Jin-Roh:  Best plot twist and good atmosphere, character building, artistry.
-- Malekith

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R. Andrew Lamonica

Akira - just confused me.

Ghost in the Shell - had nice looking animation, but the story seemed did not seem self contained.  I think it would have made a better series than a movie and they could have cut some of the time spent showing off the scenery and playing music.  I sat through those scenes the first time, but I don’t think I could make it without fast forwarding again.

BubbleGum Crisis â€ââ,¬Å" I have avoided this one because it has a stupid name.  Maybe I’ll watch it some day.

The Slayers â€ââ,¬Å" I also missed this one.

Jin-Roh â€ââ,¬Å" WOW.  I don’t think a description can give this anime justice.  About 30 min. into the movie you forget you are watching Anime and just become immersed in the anachronism.  I spent about half an hour after seeing the movie trying to complete the â€Ã...“RotkÃÆ'Ã,¤ppchenâ€Ã, (Little red riding hood) analogy in my head.  This is a lot more time than I normally spent pondering movies with so much action in them.

R. Andrew Lamonica

For anyone interested in Anime. I have a few suggestions of my own.  Keep in mind that I am not a tremendous fan and so my criteria for how good and Anime is based on comparisons to film and cartoons rather than to other Anime.

Serial Experiments: Lain.  ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã¢â,¬Å" This short TV series (just 4 DVD’s long, about a dozen ) has the general feel of the X-files.  You are given many clues as to what is going on, but the whole story emerges very reluctantly.  If they ever show this on TV in the US I suggest you skip it and watch the DVD’s because you have to see all of them to appreciate the setup.

Princess Mononoke
Nausicaa of the valley of wind â€ââ,¬Å" Both of these movies are similar in that they occur in fantastic but workable worlds and contain many characters that do not fit the good-guy or bad-guy stereotype used so often in cinema.  Both movies have an industrial vs. organic theme but don’t go overboard with it.  ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã...“Nausicaa of the valley of windâ€Ã, may not be on DVD, but it is not impossible to find.  Princess Mononoke is on DVD but the American movie stars used for the English voiceovers seem badly matched if you are at all familiar with their on screen performances.

Spirited Away â€ââ,¬Å" Great animation and remarkable sound and music.  This anime is acceptable for small children (unlike about 80% of the other Anime I have seen) and fun to watch.  I just saw this one recently and I wish I had seen it when it was at the Tivoli in St. Louis.

Cowboy Bebop â€ââ,¬Å" This series (possibly like Bublegum crisis mentioned bellow) has a stupid name and so I would have avoided it if not for my roommate’s fixation on all things animated. However, I would have missed something good.  I believe there are about 25 episodes and a movie (which I have seen and would not recommend as a starting point.)   The series is a Sci-Fi Drama with a small group of well developed characters.  Each episode stands on its own and some are humorous while some are serious or tragic.  One of the most unique aspects of this series is that the characters are introduced incrementally instead of all at once and some of the most moving characters appear in only one episode.  The episodes are short and a few of them are two-parters and the series was shown on TV with good voice talent.

   WOW that was a long post. Sorry to everyone uninterested in Anime who has to scroll past all this.  Maybe next week I’ll make a long post about Movies I like to offset this post about Anime.


Just to add a couple of my recent purchases:

Band Of Brothers
Yes...it is a long series, but well worth the time spent watching it, especially if you are a war movie buff.  

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Platinum Edition/Director's Cut
This edition contains previously cut footage from the theatrical release, plus some additional features not included in the original DVD release.

Michael Kennedy

Good Lord- they managed to add even MORE scenes to The Lord of the Rings?!?   :-D
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