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Microsoft Drops .NET Name For Next Windows Server

Started by Peter Motyka, 2003-01-10T20:00:19-06:00 (Friday)

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Peter Motyka

from slashdot.org

Posted by timothy  on Friday January 10, @04:47PM
from the muddled-nomenclature dept.
metamatic writes "C|net is reporting that Microsoft is dropping the name "Windows .NET Server" and going back to "Windows Server 200x" (where x is currently expected to be 3). Other products with .NET in the name are also being evaluated for renaming. Analysts are being quoted as saying that slapping .NET on so many Microsoft products has confused people as to what .NET actually means. Or could it be that customers know what it means, but nobody wants to buy it?" Obiwan Kenobi points out a similar article at ENT News

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