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Any Palm Pilot Users?

Started by Guest, 2003-02-02T04:10:55-06:00 (Sunday)

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If yes, what apps can you not live without?  

If no, why not?  

I'm a new Palm user myself, but I enjoy the flexibility that the Palm offers.  Just curious about the thoughts of others.

Chris Swingler

Honestly, I felt restricted by the possibilities of my Palm PDA.  No command prompt?  Granted, my only other choice at the time was a WinCE PDA, and that wouldn't have been much better.

You'll find AvantGo (www.avantgo.com) indespensible.  Just trust me on this one :)

EasyCalc is an awesome sci/graphing calculator, plus it's GPL'd.  And it's a helluva lot faster than your TI-8x.

X-Master is a definate must.  There's a lot of awesome PalmOS hacks out there, and this is a freeware replacement to the older HackMaster.

And, I used to know a lot more, but I've more or less stopped using my Palm (ever since the screen started to go), so I don't really recall what I used to use... those are just what stick out in my mind.  

Maybe I'll take my Visor apart later today (after I sleep) and see if I can get it running again.

Christopher Swingler
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Kade P. Cole

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