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Started by Gish, 2003-02-04T01:04:26-06:00 (Tuesday)

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What is the purpose of netman.isg.siue.edu?  It has a habit of pinging me everyday.  So I just blocked it.  Is it trying to map out the campus network?  Is there network map available?  I am interested to see the layout of our network.
Saturday morning the Internet was down for a little while.  When it came back online I did a speed test (400+ down 96+ up).  I was thinking maybe the school did some work. The Sunday the speeds were back to normal (23 down and 69 up).  The only time it is usable is at 1 to 5 am and it tops out at ISDN speeds.  There are way too many people using p2p networks in this building.
::end of complaining::

Has anybody heard any rumors about SIUE installing packet shapers?  They are seriously needed in Bluff and probably other buildings.  I know Packeteer makes them but from what I have heard they are not cheap.  Would there be a way to do the same thing but with Linux?

Sorry about the complaining and the long post.


Peter Motyka

It would be fairly straight forward to implement a packet shaping bridge between the reshalls and the central internet routing point.  I did a project in CS447 which utilized FreeBSD's "dummynet" kernel driver.  It allows you to setup virtual pipes with rate limits for certain types of network traffic.  I used the software to demonstrate the benefits of WFQ (Weighted Fair Queing) routing and it worked very nicely in my controled environment.  Granted, you would have to write some rather clever dynamic rule sets, I am sure this software would reduce the amount of indiviual host bandwidth saturation on the most common network services.

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