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Does SIUE have an on-campus news server???

Started by Gish, 2003-02-02T19:23:51-06:00 (Sunday)

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Does SIUE have an on-campus news server???  news.siue.edu is an alias for news.isg.siue.edu which resolves to  I tried it in my news client but it fails to connect.  


R. Andrew Lamonica

They did a long time ago (about 4 years), but it disapeared my freshman year.  They might have just moved it, but I could not think of a real reason to look around now that google has got into the act.


OIT shut down the news server about 4 years ago, and as far as I know never turned it back on.
I had a few conversations with OIT at the time about it, but I don't recall that they gave me an specific reasons.

Once Academic Computing started serious support of web based discussion areas for classes through WebCT, OIT dropped the discussions of bringing the news server back online.

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There's always the caos site and courgar boards to keep the conversation going, without the need to be in a class.  :-D
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Peter Motyka

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Chris Swingler

Google Groups is a great way to get on Usenet, and I like it a lot better than Deja News, except for one thing:

Google doesn't support binaries.

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Kade P. Cole

The news server was closed for technical reasons. SIUE was not able to keep up with demands that the server put on the Admins and Network.
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