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Regular LUUCS Meetings

Started by Michael Kennedy, 2002-12-16T14:26:08-06:00 (Monday)

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Michael Kennedy

Grim's idea sounds great, but maybe moving it from Friday night would help get more people.  If I had my way, it'd be Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night (it's easy to make plans for weekend nights and I can't miss Monday Night Football :)

The idea sounds great, though and I look forward to marking a LUUCS reoccuring appointment into my PDA.   :-D

Also, a side question that's off topic, but does pertain to Linux.  I, like most of you, have 4 or 5 email accounts I need to regularly check and I do it on a few different PCs.  What I'm looking to be able to do is have my linux server at home download all the mail from each account (Mandrake 9) and store all the mail there.  Then, using IMAP I can check and/or delte messages from anywhere.  That way I can always have a copy of each email handy.  I have something that I've been trying to do to accomplish this, but I'm running into other problems in the process.  Instead of telling what I'm doing right now, let me know how you guys would most easily accomplish this.  I'd like to use it in conjunction with popFile to help sort SPAM as well.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  TIA.
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William Grim

Well, I only mentioned Friday because a few people I talked too prior to the posting were good with that time.  Also, I mistakenly put 4 - 6 PM; I have corrected it to 4 - 5 PM.  Unless we really need/want it to be 4 - 6 PM.  I figured just starting out an hour slot would be good enough.

About your email thing; what about using sendmail or qmail?  I don't really have much experience with those, but I am sure they can download email from servers and store it locally for you.  Fetchmail might do this as well?

I'm just not as versed in the area of email servers yet; I haven't ever really had a need for one.  I think I will soon enough though.

Thanks for the feedback though on times you are available.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


QuoteInstead of telling what I'm doing right now, let me know how you guys would most easily accomplish this.

I would use fetchmail to download it off each server to your home server like the other guy suggested then create a PHP script that you could log into via a web server connection to check that server's local mail. You could check it anywhere and use https along with .htaccess password/username or use the headers in the PHP scripts to control who logs in. But that's how I would do it since I'm used to playing with PHP.

I suppose the biggest problem would be security...using my way you would have to keep tabs on updates with two servers and many modules for the web server...and fetchmail but it's not as important.

Maybe instead of leaving a copy on each server so you can download it later you should create your own e-mail client in VB or C++ or tcl/tk or even web based using javascript to write files localy on a removable media like a floppy, zip, or a network drive if your talking on the campus. But if having a copy is important maybe you could just save your configuration for the e-mail client on the removable media...along with the binaries if the e-mail client isn't avaiable on every computer. That way the app could simply keep all e-mail on the servers so if someone yanks your disk they will not have access to your e-mail.

I don't know just spewing crap out.

Chris Swingler

Since this stuff about mail is more than I have experience with, I won't comment on it.

Anyhow, fridays are just fine for me.  My last class on friday is over at noon, so any time on friday is cool.

Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator

Peter Motyka

I am happy with any night of the week, but could the meeting be held later?  I will be working until 4:30pm and would not make it to campus until 5:15ish.  Does my opinion even count since I am not going to be a student at SIUE anymore :(

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William Grim

No, it doesn't count.  Ha ha, j/k.

No, I'm taking it all under consideration.

As of yet, however, I haven't received much of a response; I just don't want to go in blindly if I can keep from it.

I'm actually thinking that I may have to set a date/time according to what feedback I DO get and then move it around until it seems pretty fit for as many people as possible.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

Jim Sodam

I'd like to attend, but that time wouldn't work for me.

Monday or Wednesday would be great anytime, or earlier on friday.