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What's your favorite CS course?

Started by Aaron Drake, 2003-02-12T08:23:07-06:00 (Wednesday)

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Aaron Drake

Just wondering what some of you thought about the various CS courses offered at S.I.U.E.  What are some of your fav classes?

Personally, I long for days of CS 140 & 150.  :-D
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William Grim

CS 250, 312, and 414.  I would like 447 more if we had cooler programs we had to do.

I haven't been in any higher courses yet.
William Grim
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Chris Swingler

I'm in CS150 right now, and so far, I'm really digging it. {rant}CS140 was way too structured, it annoyed the hell out of me, creating programs with (insert ridiculous number here) functions and umpteenmillion variables, all with predefined names and passing all over the fscking place.

Enough from me.


Christopher Swingler
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Yeah, CS447 would have been better if it focused more on the programming aspect and less on the theoretical aspect.

Too much "Let's calculate the utilization level..." and not enough "Let's make a network chat/FTP client/whatever".

Aaron Drake

I believe, uh, like-ah-know I would have to agree with you about 447.  The importance of the programs in there was minimal.  They should have called the class "WP 447" for "WORD PROBLEMS 447".   :evil:
"Cooda is a whatah?" - Dr. Wu

Jim Sodam

I'll agree with that on 447, I was hoping for something more programming based when I took it too...

Ryan Lintker

I think that CS 150 was my favorite course.  The programs started to get interesting and some important CS concepts really started to take root.
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Peter Motyka

The class I enjoyed most was CS414.  I took this class with Dr. Stephen and feel I learned a tremendous amount.  The Tenenbaum text used in the class was also excellent.

Since we seem to be mentioning our least favorite class too, I will also vote for CS447.  I took this class over the summer hoping to do some rad network programming.  I was quite disappointed the first day of class when I found out no programming assignments would be done.  With coaxing, we were able to convince the professor to accept programming assignments as extra credit.  Since I was lazy and didnt bother with the written assignments, this extra credit helped me pass the class.  Perhaps if there was a better balence of written work and programming I would have been more motivated to do the pencil and paper tasks.

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I had CS 414 with  Dr. Stephen as well. I thought it was great course, mind you, it delt with the M$ Windows environment. None-the-less, it was great.

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William Grim

Yeah, computer science courses should be about a balance of programming/theory.  Sure, knowing theory in 447 is great and all; I find it important to know.  However, programming is just as important in the REAL world (is Fujinoki reading?).

What is the point to any type of theory if we don't understand much of the practical application to it.  It's like saying, "n + n = 2n", without giving practical examples like "1 + 1 = 2, 5 + 5 = 10" and then pointing out the correlation between the theory and real world example.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley