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Geek Bowling!

Started by Peter Motyka, 2003-02-16T20:46:00-06:00 (Sunday)

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Everyone is invited to join us at Cougar Lanes.  The more the merrier!


Peter Motyka

Is there a date and time set that I am unaware of?  /me looks around for the calender module....

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Elizabeth Weber

American Humanics (an SIUE student organization) sponsors a "Bowl for Kid's Sake" even on campus each year with prizes and free t-shirts and pizza.  You might want to check with them on the days and think about getting a team together for that.  It would be nice to see the different campus organizations supporting each other on their events.  Can't remember whether the event is held in the fall or spring ... but either way, a CAOS team would be something to keep in mind.
~Elizabeth Weber


There is no date or time set up as of yet but it will be sometime next week.  I'm hoping to get some feedback here and find out when you all would like to bowl.  On a weekday, weekend, evening, or afternoon?  I need to know by this Friday, March 28, which is when I will be making the arrangements with Cougar Lanes.


Ryan DonCarlos

I'd rather go on a weekday night cause almost everyone works on the weekends.
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Bowling is set for Thursday, April 3 from 6pm - 8pm.