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Ahh... Totally Geek

Started by Guest, 2003-02-17T22:13:41-06:00 (Monday)

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Hmmm, well at least I'm not a Windows Geek.

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Jason Vipond


I'm OS/2 WARP like Jon.  Maybe we're just warped.  I'm surprised how many are slackware.  I didn't think that anyone besides me and Quaid even used slackware.

PS I love this new smilie. :pint:
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William Grim

I use slackware in the EB lab comptuers and I have it on one of the CS servers.

snow.cs.siue.edu - slackwar 8.1 server
CS Tutor lab computers later this week - slackware 8.1 linux clients (dual boot of course for Windows freaks)
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley