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What theme do you use?

Started by Stiffler, 2003-02-26T14:44:02-06:00 (Wednesday)

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This is not a survey for "what is the best theme?", but to figure out what themes people use. As you may know, I will be upgrading to XOOPS2 when it comes out, and the XOOPS1.xx themes are compatible to a point. A few modifications need to be made to them so they work better. I do not want to update all the ones that are in the list.

Well, if you want to, you can turn this into a war about which is the better theme. :-D

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Ryan Lintker

I stumbled across the paradise theme in the first few days after I registered.  It seems to be pleasing to the eyes so I've kept it around.
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Chris Swingler

I use 0ri0n, I really like the red and white on black color scheme for some reason.  Unfortunately, I occasionally experience text that is black on black (common in the IM module, which no one uses anyhow).

Christopher Swingler
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Aaron Drake

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Peter Motyka

I use "vision".  It is blue and pretty!
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Am I to assume that everyone else uses the default theme?

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Kade P. Cole

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Elizabeth Weber

I use chilly.  I prefer cool colors (hues ranging from green to purple) and low contrast. I also like all of the information to fit neatly on the screen, which makes small fonts better for the three column format of the home page.
(Though sadly, it does not carry the CAOS logo.)
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On Peter M's recommendation I tried vision.

I'm now a convert.
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