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Career Fair

Started by Jerry, 2003-03-06T06:30:22-06:00 (Thursday)

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I usually wander over to the Career Fair and say hi to some of the recruiters I know, but I was just way too busy yesterday.

So, for those of you who did get over there what were your impressions?  What companies showed up for CS jobs?  Were they really interested or just there because they wanted to get out of their cubicles for the day?  Did you get any good give-aways? Did anyone pick up something for me? :-P
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Ryan Lintker

Schnucks, Target, and UPS were hiring.
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Yeah, Schnucks was hiring for STOCKBOYS.  Woohoo, way to put a 4 year degree to use.  Too bad McDonalds wasn't there, I hear they've got some sweet positions open - flipping burgers, of course.

Edward Jones said they get 40,000 resumes a month.

Everyone else said "We won't take your resume, but you can submit it on our website..."

On the upside, if you're in healthcare you probably could find a Job, there were like 6 or so hospitals there.  
Good thing Jerry didn't go, they probably would have tried to recruit him  8-)

Victor Cardona

Boeing was the only company I saw that was actually trying to hire programmers. Everyone else had either filled all their positions last fall, or they didn't know if they actually had anything available.


Jim Sodam

Had pretty much the same experience as Victor, a few took my resume but most just told me to submit it online.