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Redhat ISO mirror?

Started by Gish, 2003-03-06T15:39:12-06:00 (Thursday)

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Does SIUE have a local Redhat mirror on campus?  If not what is the best mirror to download from?


Peter Motyka

I usually get 100k/s+ on my overnight downloads from csociety-ftp.ecn.purdue.edu via my Charter Pipeline.

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I wish I could get that kind of speed...speed is lame in the dorms.  


Michael Kennedy

Purdue.edu has proven to be one of the fastest Redhat mirrors that I've found, too.  It's always the first one I try and I'm usually not able to find one faster.
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Kade P. Cole

If you are looking to download the ISOs for RedHat 8 check out this thread.

You can download them from solar.   :-)
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