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Cougar ftp'd-out

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2003-03-05T12:25:24-06:00 (Wednesday)

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Elizabeth Weber

Hola.  Tengo problemos ... er... I am having problems connecting to cougar.siue.edu via telnet or ftp.  I'd particularly like to be able to ftp to cougar from here in argentina, but am not sure what the hangup is.  I sort of assume that it's special to my being out of the country, though I suppose it could be an intrinsic problem of cougar's.

Could I utilize a proxy server to achieve my goals (though I wouldn't even know where to begin on that front)?

Anybody? Anybody?  Bueller?  Bueller?
~Elizabeth Weber

Chris Swingler

AFAIK, SSHing and Telnetting into Cougar from off-campus doesn't work.   You'll have to use webmail for your email.

As for FTPing, you could give ftp.siue.edu a try.

Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator

R. Andrew Lamonica

You could try FTPing to Solar and then use SSH on solar to ftp from solar to cougar.

Kade P. Cole

The best address to use is wwwftp.siue.edu or ftp.siue.edu. These should both work from off campus for FTP. As for telnet you will not be able to telnet directly to Cougar. You can either use Webmail at webmail.siue.edu or telnet to another machine here on campus then telnet to cougar.
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Elizabeth Weber

I actually tried going through solar, didn't work out so well.

ftp.siue.edu works just fine.

Thank you.

(I was sorta hoping for a proxy lesson, oh well  ;-)  )
~Elizabeth Weber

Peter Motyka

I would suggest giving solar another try.  You have more storage available on this server and also have the ability to use scripting languages.  There are many photo album type scripts that work nice for the type of picture posting you are looking to do...  Just to name a few coppermine, Axiom, etc...  Most of these scripts can run from your public_html dir.  Some require a mysql database to store meta data about your pictures.  I set one of these up the other day... check it out :)

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