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My Computer Dream Job

Started by Jerry, 2003-03-08T08:19:51-06:00 (Saturday)

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Ok, the economy is down; it sounds like the career fair was more like career fear this year  :-P

So, what is your computer science dream job?

I would like to be writing AI for a company that does D&D type adventure games. Everyday would be causal work day. There would be a meeting room with a fridge, a microwave, and every game system on the market. Oh, and all the walls would be whiteboard in the entire office space so we could brainstorm or doodle anywhere, anytime.

There would be a basketball hoop outback for break times and a bike path I can take from my front door all the way to work. Oh, and there would be a company mascot, like a gecko or ferret that would run around the place.

Well, a computer scientist can dream, right? :-)
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Ryan DonCarlos

Actually I came across maybe my dream job.  I have an intership with CSC (Computer Science Corp.) which handles alot of the communications at Scott Air Force Base.  I don't start until next summer but It looks ubber 1337 so far and even if I don't like it I'm sure it will be a huge step in the door.

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Elizabeth Weber

I think I'd have to know more about what FIELD in cs I prefered to know what my dream job would be, but lately I've been thinking I might dig computer law.  (Always wanted to go into law, but could never find a branch that I could get into ethically.)
~Elizabeth Weber