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Cool MIT Project: Interactive Fish

Started by Jerry, 2003-03-09T12:02:26-06:00 (Sunday)

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Cool project of the week:

QuoteMIT students plan to line the floor and walls of the institute's famous Infinite Corridor with screens displaying computer-generated tuna and pike that can seemingly move in three dimensions and respond to visitors' movements via sensor readings.

Click here for the Wired story

Here's an idea for a Senior Project, an independent study, or Masters Thesis:  Create a 3D equarium. Then using some proximity sensors and a color cam for sensor input we can determine where someone is paying attention or "tapping the tank" or vitulal feeding and the fish can respond appropriately.
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Ryan Lintker

Another idea: a 3D walk down the trail from campus to cougar village with the occasional angry goose, busy squirrel, or startled deer.  Maybe some flying creatures such as birds on tree branches or swarms of bees could be thrown in for good measure.  It would be another way to show off some of the unique features of our campus.  The geese on campus can be just as interactive as a fish and are a little bit more unpredictable.
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