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The Unknown CAOS

Started by Jerry, 2003-03-28T10:05:07-06:00 (Friday)

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So, I have a couple of 140/150 students I was advising and I was talking to them about the CAOS forum.  They said "CAOS....forum.....website?"

Should we do more promotion of the CAOS Forum with the freshmen and sophomores?
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Ryan DonCarlos

err maybe I mean I knew about it (the forum/website) since  day 1. I'm in CS 150 now so I mean if they don't know about it they are probably a new, not that that is bad ;) just more fun for the rest of us.  

But honestly yes I think it would be a good idea I hardly EVER see CAOS stuff unless I'm in labs I don;t even see much in the class rooms or halls either...
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Ok, so the Officers have not been posting the fliers of events. There are roughly 126 members, so events should speed by word-of-mouth. Also, Greg made the Homepage for all the CS computers http://caos.siue.edu/

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Chris Swingler

How about we create a programming help forum?  We could do that, then ask the professors to place the URL on their syllabus.  It would definately generate more interest in the site, and in CAOS itself.

The only problem that remains:  Who would be interested in catering to the flood of CS140 students we'd probably get who aren't understanding for loops?

Ok, ok, I was there once, too... but I was learning BASIC at the time, so I figured the concept out, and got my fair share of bad programming technique at the same time.  ;-p

Christopher Swingler
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Great idea Beanie.  A programming help forum would definitely attract more students to our website.  Maybe more CS instructors would participate in the forum discussions.  But I do think that the officers should try to promote the website with fliers as well.



Do we want one forum per class, and the professors that teach that class as the moderators? Anything is possible to do. That reminds me. I need to fix the Officer's forum. Anyways, as soon as y'all know how to work out the programming discussion forum, so that there can be no "cheating" or whatnot, then I'll get it up ASAP.
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Victor Cardona

I would be interested in tutoring on a forum. I know when I was first learning about classes and member functions, I spent a lot of time on the comp.lang.c++ newsgroup. While there I got to interact with many experienced programmers, and I learned a lot.

The only thing is that we would have to limit the help we could give. Obviously we wouldn't want to do anyone's homework for them.



What's this CAOS thing everyone keeps talking about?
(Yes, CAOS needs more promotion).

The tutoring idea is a good one too, although it might be hard to help some people without seeing their code - and you can't exactly have everyone post their code (for obvious reasons)


The large dark bar on the top is expensive, unused property. I suggest we put "Computer Science Association of SIUE" there since it is difficult to read the small lettering in our logo.