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What was your opinion of Dr. Lorna Zorman's Presentation.

Started by Stiffler, 2003-03-29T00:09:23-06:00 (Saturday)

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As you may know, she gave a presentation Friday at 2:00 PM. If you attended it, voice your opinion. The good and the bad. Give your opinion on her and her presentation. I wrote this at midnight, so I was not too coherient.

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Ryan Lintker

I guess I feel differently about her presentation than herself.

Her presentation seemed unspirited, unemotional, and to myself fairly uninteresting.  Her research seemed like it was conducted a while ago.  Maybe she was a little rusty or tired of it.  She seemed really tired.  This was noticeable in her speech and the fact that she sat through most of her presentation (just try to use that style in a Senior Project presentation and see what kind of evaluation you get from that).  If this was actually representative of her teaching style, I would probably avoid taking a class with her as an instructor.  Of course it could have just been a bad day or after meeting the rest of the faculty, she was having doubts about a life changing decision to teach at wonderful SIUE.

She seemed easy to talk to and answered all of the students questions reasonably well to their satisfaction.  Her experience in industry may be a good background that could help prepare students better for the working world.  While some students seem to do well with soft spoken professors with a noneventful teaching style, I think her lack of enthusiasm and little zest for teaching would cause her courses to miss an opportunity to grip the minds and interest of the majority of the students.
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Aaron Drake

I agree with Eeyore... oh, I mean I agree with Ryan.  I have definitely heard more zealous lectures in my lifetime.  However, she was pretty affable and seemed knowledgeable about her topic.  Perhaps she would be more peppy if she were actually teaching.  It could just be that she has already given this lecture ump-teen times and is getting sick of it.
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Victor Cardona

I liked her presentation. She really seemed to know what she was talking about, and she was able to apply real world experiences to her research. Later, during the students' question and answer session, she was very straight-forward with her answers. I think she would make a fine addition to the SIUE CS Department's faculty.



She really knew what she was talking but as far as explaining clearly what she was doing, it was not really that great in my opinion. I think she is a very knowledgeable engineer and a passionate reseacher but she should stick to what she does and not go to teaching

Jason Vipond

Dr. Zorman's presentation had me zoning out by minute ten.  She really lacked the spirit and energy for talking about material that is the focus of her own research.  I would avoid taking a class with her.  In all fairness, I liked her as a person.  She had a genuine interest in the students and their opinions.  She would likely do well teaching in a small group environment.  


I agree wholehartedly with what Ryan said.  I think that the we need a new faculty member here so that we can offer some more electives and some more grad courses (many courses could double as both).  I say we should hire her.  Then we should hire another one or two if we can so that we can lay off the one or two of faculty members that do not live up to the the level of excellence we should expect from this university.  As a whole, I believe that SIUE has very good faculty in the CS department.  However, if teachers to not live up to a reasonable standard of performance, I believe we should replace them.
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