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Started by Jerry, 2003-04-14T10:17:01-05:00 (Monday)

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I've been contacted by a new start-up company, Jaros Technologies Corporation, about 2 job opportunities:

1.Self-starter type individuals with Java and JSP skills.  Developer will use state of the art development tools to develop web-based database applications (java and JSP) that connect to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.   We use workgroup type methodologies along with a Six-Sigma approach.  We believe in allowing individuals to take leadership roles when appropriate and putting decision making in the hands of the developer.  Specifications will be provided.  Must be able to document work.  Will be working with InstallAnywhere software.
Looking for at least two developers.
2. Self-starter type individuals that want to learn Informatica, Microsoft Analysis Services, Oracle, and front end multi-dimensional analysis tools such as Proclarity, Oracle Discoverer and others.  Individual will create Informatica PowerMart mappings and document.  Specifications and training will be provided.  Be able to take support calls and log them into our support software system.  
Looking for one individual.
Paul Scheibal
Jaros Technologies Corporation

Email Contact: mscheiba@charter.net
Website: www.jarostech.com
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