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Copying DVDs

Started by Michael Kennedy, 2003-04-25T02:59:40-05:00 (Friday)

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Michael Kennedy

OK, I already know I'm going to catch some hell about posting this so please spare me any preaching.  :)

OK, now to the question.  I need to make copies of a DVD.  Let's say it's of a home movie of my dog that personally produced with my own digital video camera.  Hey, it's a cute dog.  Anyway, let's also say that I used DVD XCopy to duplicate the DVD for archival purposes and we'll continue by saying that the origional got destroyed.

Now, since all that I mentioned above is legal and feasable, does anyone know of a program that will copy the DVD XCopy's version?  It won't let me do a copy of a copy.  Furthermore, for future reference, does anyone know of an app that will leave off any copy protection-ish things from DVDs so that even DVD XCopy won't know it's a copy?  (I assume DVD XCopy's thing is proprietary, but if someone know's that it's not, let me know.)  The reason, of course, is that I want all to enjoy my home movies and I want them to be able to copy them.  Nothing the MPAA would have a fit over.  :roll:

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First off, why are you using DVD xCopy? It sucks.

Secondly, I am no way connected to this guide:
How to copy any DVD to one recordable DVD including menus!



Yeah, I found that out.  I singled out DVD XCopy because of it's name.  I *wanted* to support them because of their fight with the MPAA, but a few apps I found turned out to be better and cheaper.

Thanks for th link- I'm going to read through it right now.  BTW- "Alcohol 120%" (interesting name) seems to do everyhting (and a bit more) than what I was looking for.  Thanks Jon.