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CyberStorm: Were you there?

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2002-09-03T01:57:12-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Elizabeth Weber

Ok, somebody thought it would be fun to give me a schedule with all night classes (I'll get you for this later).
Anyway, I missed the CyberStorm gaming this past Thursday.  I was able to show up for 15mins before running off to class.

Who all went?
How'd it go?
What'd you play?
Who kicked butt?
Like it? Fun? Yes? No?

Hey, a girl's just gotta live vicariously sometimes.
So, fill me in ...
~Elizabeth Weber


Natually I was there. I had to control my homicidal tendencies somehow  :-P  I thought it went great. There were a lot of ppl there, and they all had phun. Best of all, our unused minutes will carry over to the next time we are there  :-D I'm on a smilie rampage now  ;-) Sorry   :-( We definatly need to do this again!!!  8-)

Retired webmaster of CAOS.


I was there..for a couple of hours.

Played CS and War3 for a bit. Got my ass royally kicked on both games :)

Though i shouldve won in War 3 but got double teamed in an FFA.

Anyways it was fun..and i expect to show up in any upcoming events too.

There were around 20 peeps there...but no women ?!!!

Elizabeth Weber

Hmm, so you want girls there, eh?

We could invite the SWE girls.
Or perhaps a sorority?

MAYBE we could talk CyberStorm into some kind of ladies night?  Girls play free, or cheap, or something to encourage them to come ...
~Elizabeth Weber


Ooooops. Wrong button. Sorry! Maybe I should edit the code to get rid of the delete button. Hmm. That's not a bad idea. If your post was deleted, sorry, sorry, sorry.


Elizabeth Weber

It's ok, mistakes happen.

I still want to know what everyone thought of the Cyber Storm gaming event.

Was there anything lacking?

Should we have more?

What did you like?  dislike? etc.
~Elizabeth Weber


Well id like more people playing warcraft 3 :) but cant force no one ...
And yeah..more women..
Whats SWE ?

Somehow i doubt sorority girls are much into gaming...so inviting them wont do much good now would it ? specially since all the guys would be oogling the computer screens and not the sorority girls....

William Grim

I shall make a distinct effort to oogle the sorority women.  Tell them Mike said "Hi!"

Ha ha ha.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

Elizabeth Weber

SWE is the Society of Women Engineers.
~Elizabeth Weber


I was there the first night I thought it went great.  Had a great time.  I played some CS and the for the first time warcraft III and then another first time playing dungoen seige wich I now love.