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Lost talks about budget cuts

Started by William Grim, 2003-05-29T08:52:48-05:00 (Thursday)

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William Grim

I accidentally posted something as anonymous, and when I went to delete ONLY my own post, it took the entire topic off the CAOS site.  Perhaps this is a major bug in Xoops?

Again, I'm really sorry for that; I only tried deleting my own thread.

Either way, I only have the last post I made here...

Man, that really sucks.  I was/am looking forward to working with the university again in the fall, but with these budget cuts, who knows?  :-?

As for advisement, I would really miss giving up my own advisor, even if they have changed on me every year.

I also think the school should reduce its spending on things that really just don't mean much to my experience at SIUE, such as the kiosks and everything.  It would also be nice to try to find some extra cash elsewhere... a book store would be great (I'd probably make good use of it as long as they took orders).

And yes, perhaps we could look to the business department for advice on spending?

Just my thoughts.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


I've deleted a few topics before in version 1.x of XOOPS. This is not a bug.

Explanation: Y'all know how there is a "Reply" button on each post?!? Well, they are not there for your convience. If you click on the "Threaded" link above the left hand side of the first post and the bottom left hand side of the last post, each reply post becomes indented to the post that the "Reply" button was pressed. So, when you delete a post, you delete all the post that were replies to it, and all the post that were replied to the replies ... Does this make sense? Just click on "Threaded" and you might get a better understanding. This threading option is more powerful than Phorums, because it dynamically rearanges the post so they are indented under the correct post, and not in order of post number.

If enough ppl love the treading view, I will set it as the default view. Maybe ppl would start using the reply correctly, and then again, maybe not.

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Dang!  I was going to send the Dean a link to Ryan's post.

Hey Ry, and you re-create your most eloquent response, please.

As to the other post about leasing some land to business. Yes, that was explored. About a year or so ago there was talk of leasing land to a strip mall development. But, as it turns out, SIUE does not own enough of the frontage land along 157 to make it feasible. I suggested the alternative idea that instead of a strip mall open a strip joint  :-P
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Ryan Lintker

I was going to write an email to the dean, but if you are going to send him a link, then I'll create another post and it can live on in the archives forever or until someone accidentally deletes it, or maybe I'll do both.  It's definately a worthy topic and important to future students.  Maybe a refresher on what the dean has proposed will help me direct my thoughts better too.
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Actually, a personal email would be much more effective in getting your message across.

The Dean's proposal is to shift advisement to administrative staff in the Dean's Office. That would mean Van Roekle, Ron Banks, Tonya Smith, and, possibly, Sarah Macdougle would be doing advisement. With fewer advisees the Dean figures that faculty can teach larger classes and can do all their own grading. So he intends to save money by reducing the number of Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Call Staff. The only way he can save enough money this way is to distribute the cuts progressively: larger departments will have larger cuts.

IMHO, in the end this hurts academics and the students. You have larger classes, you have less feedback because you'll have less graded assignment, you have less jobs, and you will have no personal advisement. The Dean is unwilling to make cuts at the administrative level.
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Greg and I are working on a new dropbox for the CS Depart that will hopefully make life easier on the TA's. It compiles all the programs, checks output, and checks for cheeting. It only flags files that don't meet the certain criteria, so the human element of grading is still there. It also has an online grade thing, and I believe it also helps TA add comments directly to the students code and they show up in the todo box. It is made by MS, and the version we are using is only compatible with VS.NET 2003. I started to use 2k3 a couple of days after it came out on MSDNAA on my Senior Project, and I noticed all the quirks that were in VS.NET (actually called VS.NET 2002) disappeared in the 2003 version. I will be around the SOE building from time to time if anyone needs help with it.

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