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Robotic Photographer

Started by Peter Motyka, 2002-09-03T08:04:42-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Peter Motyka

Boojum137 writes " ExtremeTech has an article on a robotic wedding photographer named Lewis. Lewis's hardware stats are modest, so he uses a clever trick to locate people based on skin tone, which is also independent of race. After locating potential subjects with a myriad of sensors, including sonar, laser range finders, and infra-red, he tries to frame the shot according to photographic rules of composition. But the real innovation behind this "red trashcan" is its ability to fade into the background. According to Lewis's creators at Washington University's Media and Machines lab, because of the robot's passive nature, people tend to ignore it after short period of ogling. This allows for some great natural shots, instead of the typical forced and self-conscious shots from human wedding photographers. And, in case you were wondering, Lewis is going to live up to his name in November."

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Elizabeth Weber

I actually had the opportunity to meet and work with Lewis over the summer.  He's quite personable.  And the wedding photographer programming team is EXCELLENT.
~Elizabeth Weber