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Started by Aaron Drake, 2003-07-18T13:04:59-05:00 (Friday)

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Aaron Drake

I have a request for the Admin:  Could you make a slight modification to the Slashdot, Wired, etc. news sections?  When I click on the link to a story on the CAOS site, I'm brought to another page on the CAOS site.  I find this a bit irritating since I have to look for a whole other link just to get to the story.  I would like to be able to go directly to the story when I click on the link, not to another link on the CAOS site.  If you could make this modification, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Yeah, I agree that having to click twice is a bit annoying, so I've stopped using CAOS to lok at them and instead use Trillian Pro to do it.  If it can be "fixed", that'd be great, but I bet it owuld require the module being majorly rewritten.


Ok, I did what you asked for. When you click on a link, it should open a new browser window. The Block on the main page only displays the 5 newest items. If you think you might have missed a story click on "Headlines" under "CS Knowledge Base" in the main menu. That page is set to display the 30 newest items, but sometimes the rss feed doesn't have 30 items.

It was not that difficult to modify. There is a file called headline_block.html that contains the formatting of the link. This file exists so site admins do not need to edit the php code. I only had to change one small line of html.

I hope you like this change, and Anonymous person, you can use these links now :-D instead of the trillian ones.


Aaron Drake

Much better.  Thanks, Admin!  :-)
"Cooda is a whatah?" - Dr. Wu

Michael Kennedy

I agree- that's much better.  I was the Anonymous person who didn't realize that they weren't logged in, but I didn't want to reply with one of those "BTW- that was me" messages.  :)

Oh, and bonus to you if you can make the pic that appears under some of the headings link straigh to the same page the title does- sometimes it's easier to click a pic than a word.  :)
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