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invoking gpg.exe from JAVA

Started by Guest, 2003-07-14T10:03:12-05:00 (Monday)

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I am trying to invoke gpg.exe from Java for encrypting and dectrypting. I want to find out soulution, is there any way i can pass ctrypted data in a stream along with passphrase.

I manage to get outputstream into JAVA.


R. Andrew Lamonica

You may be going about this in the wrong way.  Java was designed to be platform independent and so it rather frowns on people executing native code from inside its modules.  In fact, without the user’s permission, you cannot even execute native code from Applets.  Although I confess ignorance about the latest Java Class Library, I think that Java 1.1 (the Microsoft Supported Version) did not have a platform independent native code execution feature.  Fortunately, all is not lost.  Java is so widely popular that many programs originally written in C++ are now available in Java or Bytecode form.  I would not be surprised to hear that the functionality you require from gpg is available on the Internet in a third party module.  If you are writing a Java Application for Windows instead of a Java Applet you might try C# or J# because they provide greater access to native code and it takes almost no time to port Java code to J#.



You are exactly right. But I am in a situation to get PGP stuff done as early as possible. I could see this is easy and simple solution for decrypting content. If you know some free jar files with GnuPG implementation please let me know.

Even if you know any solaris binaries for "gpg" please let me know.


R. Andrew Lamonica

http://www.gnu.org/software/gnu-crypto/ Looks Promising.

I also say a site in spanish that had documentation for a Java class writen to do what you are doing.



I am trying to get hold of OpenPGP and cryptix.

Things working fine. I need to explore more about the versions. If you have any inputs about OpenPGP and Cryptix that would be great.