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Have you CS graduates found jobs?

Started by Guest, 2003-07-18T15:04:09-05:00 (Friday)

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Im graduating in the spring, and I just got a job lined up.  Thanks to SIUE's Career Fair in the fall.  I met with Boeing, filled out an online application & resume.  Eventually, they contacted me and did an over the phone interview.  Then I went to a plant visit, and got a job offer.  

To be honest, ive been getting worried about the job market, but I guess that the embedded software engineer market is growing pretty fast.  So if you find the right company, they could have many openings

Good luck to all of you job seekers!

-Dan Harrington


Welcome aboard, Dan.  The plant visit was pretty cool, wasn't it? 8-)

Which group did they put you in?  They offered me a job on the F15, but I took the job in the IS department instead. :-)
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No idea yet! Since im not graduating until may, they cant tell me where i'll end up quite yet(other than 'software engineering', which is extremely generic).  But I got to visit the SLAM-ER and the J-UCAS team at the plant visit.

Strange, I didn't even see your earlier message about boeing.

well, thats cool, I wonder how many SIUE grads they really have over there.