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More smilies

Started by Admin, 2003-07-24T11:43:39-05:00 (Thursday)

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Well, I just finished adding 65 more smilies to the site. To see all of them, click on [more...] when posting a message. In some browsers, clicking on a smilie does not add it to the message. Instead, you need to type in the code for it manually. :prop:

I know Dale will love the new beer ones.


Aaron Drake

I especially love this one: :punk:

Rock on!!!
"Cooda is a whatah?" - Dr. Wu


Was this one intended for Dr. Weinberg's use? :jerry:


Is there a good way to make :smartass: my avitar?  I :wub: the new :drunk: smilies.  However, despite popular belief, I hardly ever :booze:.  But the :-D are great.  But what the :censored: is the problem with not being able to simply click on them?  Is this a :beta:?
:idea: :doctor: :-D
It makes me :ranting::realmad: when they're :injured:
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Aaron Drake

Geez, Jon.  You sure did add a lot of alcohol-related smilies.  Now all you need to do is move the forums to alcoholi.cs. ;-)

Let the good times roll!!! :booze: :pint: :beer: :drunk:
"Cooda is a whatah?" - Dr. Wu


@Dale: If you want to make one of the smilies your avatar, just right-click on it, select "Save Picture As...", then click on "View account" or "Edit account", and one of them will have the avatar settings.

I'll talk to the Devs about the clicking on the smilie bug. It could just be a bowser security issue. The more link opens a new window, and that window will need to "talk" to the calling window to add the smilie. Depending on your security settings, cross-window taking may not be allowed. That's just my guess, so it may be worthless. :-)

@The_Drake: Yes I did, but I don't touch the stuff [beer]. An old saying goes, "I can't trust a man who doesn't drink". Well, I guess that makes me untrustworthy. :-P

Retired webmaster of CAOS.


Ok, I just added 8 more kewl ones.

:newbie: (THis is a long animation)

Since there is a war going on in one of the threads, I figure these would go good in there:


Aaron Drake

Heh, can you add an Eeyore smilie for Ryan?  ;-)
"Cooda is a whatah?" - Dr. Wu


Now all you have to do is get the polls working and this site would be almost as good as the old one.

Ryan Lintker

Most of you folks don't know that since graduation, Ryan smiles more and doesn't hang his head as he walks nearly as much as he did when he was working on senior project.  He even made peace with his computer recently and allowed it to communicate with the outside world by putting its old modem back in.  He isn't quite as happy as tigger may be, but may be closer to pooh than eeyore these days.
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Aaron Drake

Well, in that case, can we get a Pooh smilie?  Actually, this one would look a kind of like Winnie the Pooh if it had some ears on top of its head: :-P.

Oh, well.  Not that it really matters... :-(
"Cooda is a whatah?" - Dr. Wu


We needed those smilies on our Senior Project forum last fall and spring semesters.  

:ranting: Ranting  
:realmad: Really, really mad
:shuriken: Being attacked
:boxing: Boxing  
:hammer2: Hammer time
:sniperrifle: Sniper rifle firing  
:gunfire:     A gun firing  
:2gunfire:    Two guns firing  
:box: Guess which one of these is our instructor.  
("Ow!  Nobody likes me.")
"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -James Madison