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Win32 books and tutorials

Started by Victor Cardona, 2002-09-04T11:46:12-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Victor Cardona

Does anyone have any suggestions for good books and/or tutorials about Win32API? It would be really cool if they included some material on the new window forms that replaced MFC.


R. Andrew Lamonica

I have a good API book (I'll post the title later) which mainly focuses on the more advanced aspects) of the OS (IOCPs, Memory Mapped Files, Network Pipes and Mailboxes and stays away from GUI stuff.  By the new GUI stuff to replace the MFC, I suspect you mean .NET (which is the new OOP toolkit for all Windows programming.)  .NET (pronounced â€Ã...“dot netâ€Ã,) is really cool in my opinion and will most likely replace Java for everything not applet related.  I tool a class in Distributed OO Programming this summer and we used C# (the .NET language that most mimics Java.)  The book we used was mainly for network programming in C# and had only one chapter about Windows Forms.  I think, however, that Visual Studio 7 does a much better job with its Visual designer than past versions.  The designer, BTW, is like that of Borland JBuilder it writes code as you draw so it is a good way to learn.  There was going to be a CS380 VisualBasic.NET class taught, but it has been pushed off a semester.