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Caos Membership

Started by David Falbe, 2003-08-27T07:01:06-05:00 (Wednesday)

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David Falbe

I just transfered over to SIUE and im curious where to sign up to become a member of caos? Do i have to join ACM first?


Welcome to SIUE! So far, only CAOS officers are required to be an ACM member. Although, you might want to consider being an ACM member, because it's cheaper when you are a student, and you are allowed access to a wealth of information. There are CAOS meetings. Just look for signs around the Engineering building and, hopefully, there will be a news post on the website, and just show up.

Hope this answers your question.

The radical one,
Retired webmaster of CAOS.


The CAOS officers recently had a semester planning meeting.

An announcement will be posted here soon for the first meeting to kick off the semester. At that time there will a call for new members.

You can also join by sending your name and email address to the Myra Bergman, The Prez (mbergma@siue.edu)
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