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MasterCard Tour

Started by Jerry, 2003-09-06T08:51:29-05:00 (Saturday)

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St. Louis is home to MasterCard's global headquarters for technology and operations. Over the last few years they have built design and usabililty labs for software development.

The CAOS Prez is currently trying to negotiate a time for CAOS members to go visit MasterCard and get a presentation from Jennifer Ruffino, their Usability Manager.


1. If we can work out a good time for the tour/presentation would you attend?

2. What days/times would work best for your schedule?

3. It is about a 45 minute drive. If you went, would you be willing to drive other CAOS members to the event?

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I would go if it didn't interfer with my tuesday/thursday classes. I could drive if I follow a detailed map, of course, occupents would be listening to 102.5 FM kezk :-).

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*flips Marantz 2240 to FM mode*
*whips the Gyro-Touch Tuning knob away from WSIE over to 102.5*
*remembers that FM tuner is misaligned, and steps the needle back*


*flips Marantz 2240 back to Aux, and continues listening to the white album*


Elizabeth Weber

I spoke to some EE's about the tour today, and it sparked their interest.  (They also asked if there would maybe be a tour of boeing sometime, *hint* *hint*)  Maybe you could get ahold of the current powers that be at IEEE and see if they want to give some input on times, etc.

Might be a good idea to compensate the drivers a bit?

My schedule, MWF afternoons would be best.  In general, I think most people are lacking in Friday classes and don't like to wake up early.
~Elizabeth Weber


I can squeeze a few people in my car.  I will be driving from Fairview Heights, so if there are any CAOS members who are interested in the tour and live close by, they can ride with me.  

Friday seems like a good day to schedule the tour.  Sometime between 11 am and 2:00 pm would work best for me.