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New forum request

Started by Peter Motyka, 2002-09-03T21:49:15-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Peter Motyka

I would like there to be a forum for news and happenings within the academic scene at SIUE.  For example, a new batch of senior projects has been dished out and I know I want to hear about them. Plus, there are plenty of interesting projects and courses that could benifit from increased communication between students.  Here is a suggested tagline for the forum.

"Academics at SIUE provides a plethora of topics for discussion. After all, that is why we are all here, isn't it!  Post your comments and questions here regarding academic life at SIUE"

SIUE CS Alumni 2002
Grad Student, Regis University
Senior Engineer, Ping Identity


News and Commentary is not a good enough forum for that? I thought any news was going to be posted there. You have Amin ability over this site. You can add whatever you want, with Liz's permission of course. Well, as soon as you are not an officer anymore, you won't be able to add stuff.