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Where were you when the world stop turning?

Started by Stiffler, 2003-09-11T09:04:53-05:00 (Thursday)

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Today is the anniversary of the tragic event in NY that had repercussions across the entire world, so I was wondering where you were when this event took place. People from the Pearl Harbor era can remember the where they where on that day, and like Pearl Harbor, September 11, 2001 is day that will live in emphany.

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I was in the library early studying.  Something caught my ear when some students were talking about a plane crashing into the WTC, but I naturally assumed it was some action movie that they had just seen.  Later, when I heard another group of students also discussing the crash, I began to realize it wasn't a movie.:shocking:
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bill corcoran

it was a tuesday, and i didn't have any classes.  i was at ASU sleeping in my dorm room until noon thirty or so (and this was AZ time, so the #OOPS# had already hit the fan).  i heard about it from a friend over aim, turned on the tube and the rest is just as boring.

what was more memorable for me is that i kept complaining they had nothing good to cover in the news.  i was sick of those stupid shark attacks in florida leaving like 4" bite marks on kids.  it was like "so what.  i wish something big and newsworthy would happen."  and then i went and slept through it.

Matt Osmoe

I was on my way to Chem class. I found out from other students what had happen, but we still had to take the midterm. :(