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Hosting From your own box

Started by Fred Jones, 2003-09-22T21:50:25-05:00 (Monday)

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Fred Jones

Hope Everyone is starting their semesters in good order and happy, I have some questions about hosting my own website... I would like to create a combo site of webpage and file server... by redirecting from my siue web page to my computer in CV... the reason for the redirect is to allow me to use any amount of space i want on my own system that way i don't have to keep track of how much  junk i have or how many files i have on the ftp... the ftp is going to house a boat load of pdf files and docs in various school topics in a sorted manner... the website is going to be Geography/GIS/DBMS/C++/VB... i have the redirect done but the problem is that anything i put on http(80) or ftp(2180) is only viewed inside my apartment from honestly either of my four computers(all on cougarnet all with different IP's) but when i ask someone to check the site from anywhere else it comes up with nothing... what is the correct way to do this... :-?

thank you for your Time

Michael Kennedy

What's the website address?  If there is something wrong with the HTML I can take a look.
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Peter Motyka

I bet the cougar network is firewalled and cannot accept incomming connections on those ports from the outside world.
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Thx for the input... does the word http-tunneling scare siue network admins' for a start i would just like to get the program file share pro to work so if im in the engineering building i dont have to email myself a file im working on in the lab... the other would be to allow others to download notes i take in class and pdf and other docs' i find on the web or create that i have sorted by topic within my class folders that i have no problem sharing

thx again

Fred Jones

the addy is siue.edu/~fjones or
the redirect is to port 80 for IBServer... if anyone knows a Freeware pack that can do the php,mysql,apache thing and config it too... cause i may be CS major but im not up the
ladder that much.... IBserver is turned off for a bit till i can read more about things so your just going to get a no go screen

thx again for any input

William Grim

All systems in the residence halls and CV are, to the best of my knowledge, firewalled.  Overall it is good but can cause problems like this for some people.

Perhaps what you can do is create an SSH tunnel between both of your systems and do a redirect to the SSH port that is open on the server (cougar.isg.siue.edu) side?  This might work for you.
William Grim
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Chris Swingler

All incoming connections from the outside world are firewalled off here in the dorm.  I doubt it's different at Cougar.  I'd like to start an HTTP server (in fact, I do have one up at http://xo.kicks-ass.org), but no one off campus can get to it.  As far as I can tell, OIT is attempting to protect its users from being infected with viruses like Blaster, though I imagine simply firewalling off 135 would be enough.

As for avoiding emailing yourself files, SMB should work from the EB over to Cougar.  (It does from EB to Bluff, but they share a network, so it's hard to say.)  Do \\your.ip.address.here if \\computername doesn't work.

Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator

Fred Jones

SSH sounds fun... sounds like linux needs to come out and play and i need to do this the dual boot not the XP box.. cause file share pro is a no go from the cougar.siue.edu/~fjones/ directory... i think i will stop by IOT TIO OIT :) and see what they will say too

THX again
altor ;-)

Matt Osmoe

Here's how I've done it:

I went to dyndns and set up a free address, it won't be pretty, something like x.webhop.net. The important thing is it keeps track of your IP if it is not static and allows you to specify a port number (so your webtraffic looks like p2p and not like you are hosting a site). Then I went to mydomain and got an address for $8 and a masked redirect for $1.  So for $9 a year I am hosting http://www.coliseumgames.net   from my machine at home.

If you have any questions feel free to email