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For Sale Thread

Started by Jerry, 2003-09-19T08:13:16-05:00 (Friday)

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I noticed that someone submitted a news items that is a "for sale post". It is my opinion that we wouldn't want news to become a for sale posting board because these may easily crowd out CAOS event announcements. Maybe we should have a seperate For Sale Forum?

Any thoughts?
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Yeah, I saw that news posting, and I sent that guy a PM telling him that it was not frontpage news matieral. I just never got around to deleting it. I never heard back from him either come to think of it.

I like the idea of a "For Sale" Forum. There is a module that is designed for users to post items for sale. I don't remember what the specs of it was. I'll find it, and post what it can do and then we can decide if we want that or a forum. The forum does allow the posing of pics via the big button labled "Manager" on the add post page (When you create a new thread or reply to a post).

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