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Spyware/Popups in the CS lab ?

Started by Guest, 2003-09-29T08:38:31-05:00 (Monday)

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The CS lab on first floor seems to have GAIN installed on it. Popups keep popping up all the time as well as ad's from the taskbar.

Just thought i`d post this here, so those who can do something about it are aware.


All of the computers or just one?  

If it is just one then you should post the number printed on the front of the computer so the network admins can wipe it.

If it is all of them then you should point and laugh.  


Dont know about all..but it is on CS08.


Looks like someone ghosted the machine now.

R. Andrew Lamonica

Yes, Greg sent the image to it half an hour ago.  He apologizes if you were still using the computer.  He did not see anyone sitting at it and thought it would be a good idea to start ghosting before some did sit down.  

If you see any other computers with this problem you can let us know by e-mail.

rlamoni at siue or
gbartho at siue.