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Web Forms and Databases

Started by Fred Jones, 2003-10-01T14:18:47-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Fred Jones

I have a question if it is possible to setup a web form (html) to be able to access a database and edit it (this I know is yes)... but here is the curve ball... I would like this set of forms to be very vague in that it will query the database to ask type of database and then ask user to login and based on those pieces of info the rest of the forms and so on are displayed...my purpose to create a generic form set for a specific topic I have in mind... and be able to apply that form set to any equipment/program setup the user has??? :-?  

I hope my question is coherent I tend to ramble a lot and don't always get the full question out properly...sorry

Have fun,
thank you,

William Grim

I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Wouldn't you already know what type of databases you are going to be running?

What exactly are you trying to do?
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


I dont know if you can easily do that with plain HTML without using CGI or better yet PHP.  What server are you running this on?  If it's SIUE I don't think they support PHP, but if it's your own you can add PHP support without much trouble.  Also, what database are you planning on using?

Geoff Schreiber

Yes and no...

The user would have to be able to choose the Database server they were connecting to, and that server type would have to be dynamically substituted into a connection string...  I don't know of ANYTHING unfortunately that is compatible with ALL database servers to be able to query them and find out what type they are...

Also, you can use an HTML form, but it must submit to PHP, CGI, ASP, etc. for processing, as HTML alone doesn't have the capability to do what you are looking for.

Feel free to email me off the forums with more details if you'd like... My address should be on my profile.

Geoff Schreiber
Project Engineer
FASTechnology Group