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Who has the power to fix an incorrect FAQ answer?

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2003-10-15T09:06:07-05:00 (Wednesday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

The FAQ question about getting access to the MSDNAA is incorrect.  I think that it should be fixed or removed so as to avoid sending people on a wild goose chase.  Does anyone know who has the power to make these changes?

The question itself needs a little correction as well. It seems to imply that we have information about how students from other schools can use the MSDNAA.  This is not the case.


I think it was Greg or Mike that wrote it. I can change it if you state what needs to be changed.

Retired webmaster of CAOS.


I'll have Greg change it when he gets back.  I am surprised he would make this mistake, but Mike might have.  I am not sure Mike has used the MSDNAA yet and if he has he probably did not follow the standard procedure because he would not need to be authenticated.

R. Andrew Lamonica

William Grim

I wrote it following the steps I needed to take to log into the web site.  I wrote it quickly by just giving them the URL to where they should login.  I figured most people could follow the site from there.  What should be different about it?
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

R. Andrew Lamonica

The title should be:
How do I get access to MSDN AA for my SIUE development needs?

Or better yet.
How can I get access to software through the MSDN Academic Alliance?
(because it has more than just development software)

This part:
If you are not a member of the MSDNAA, you will need to speak with the CS Department's head computer administrator. Currently, this is Greg Bartholomew.  

Should read:
"If you do not have an account for the MSDNAA website and you are a Computer Science Student you need to contact one of you CS instructors and have them submit your e-mail address to the system.  After the submission you will receive an e-mail from Microsoft with instructions for activating your account."

We hope to have this process changed in a few months so that all CS students will automatically have their e-mail addresses submitted when they signup to be on a class listserv or use the dropbox.  For now, only the teachers have an easy way to verify enrollment.  Greg and I have to use websis or make phone calls to avoid violating our license with MS.