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Scanner on campus?

Started by Chris Swingler, 2003-10-24T14:54:17-05:00 (Friday)

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Chris Swingler

Is there a scanner anywhere on campus that is available for public use?  I need to use one to scan the schematics for my receiver.  It went on the blink again, and I think I may get more help from people on the Internet if they could look at it.

As an aside, if anyone gives me the signal, I'll post the description of my problem here.  I'm holding off on it because it's terribly off-topic.


Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator


There is a scanner in Peck on the first floor in a computer lab.  I believe the room number is 1410.  The question is, does it work?


There's a scanner in the tutor lab I'm pretty sure as well, on the machine with the cd-writer used for MSDNAA downloads...


there is a scanner on the first floor lab of the engineering building and i see ppl using ....so hopefully it works  :)

Jason Vipond

There is also a scanner in the Mac lab in Alumni Hall.  AH1203 I believe.