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PC vendor

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2003-11-07T11:20:05-06:00 (Friday)

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Elizabeth Weber

So, shopping for a new PC, stumbled across this gem..


Considering the old addage "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," I was wondering if anyone else had heard of them or bought from them and what your opinions were on the company and the quality of their products.
~Elizabeth Weber

Michael Kennedy

The prices look pretty reasonable.  I priced a similar system for a friend the other day and it came out to be that price with only slightly weaker specs.  If I would have taken into account that I can get some parts for cheaper elsewhere and that I sorta get a discount at a few places I might have been able ot design up a PC with those specs for that price.  so, no, not really too good to be true.  Make sure you use the configurating thingy on their site because I wonder if it'll still cost you slightly more for everythign you want.
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Actually, interesting thing with that site:
You can use the pre-packaged free shipping specials, change every one of the options and still get the free shipping.
(Thereby custom "configuring" your machine and still getting the free shipping that you wouldn't have gotten if you went through the configurator)

Kade P. Cole

They have an interesting rating on ResellerRatings.com. I use this site to check on any vendor before I purchase. It is a good resource for anyone in question. Check their rating here.
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