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Need a vi emulator

Started by Jason Vipond, 2003-10-30T10:30:04-06:00 (Thursday)

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Jason Vipond

I need to brush up on vi, but am lacking a UNIX box to practice on.  Can anyone suggest a good bare-bones emulator for Windows?


They have vim for windows, so you don't need an emulator. There are two versions available: one for pc-dos and one for windows named gvim. Download here: http://www.vim.org/download.php#pc.

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Yea.  I use those vim programs John mentioned.  I use them and the MinGW GNU compiler for Win32 instead of Visual Studio.  At least on the command-line version of vim (I don't know much about gvim) you can set the compatibility mode to VI in the _vimrc file if you would want vi for some reason.

By the way, command-line vim doesn't seem to create a _vimrc file and uses its defaults unless you create one.  But if you install gvim and vim into the same directory they will use the same _vimrc file. 8-)

By the way, Cygwin comes with a vim editor, but i've never been able to get the terminal settings set right for the syntax highlighting to work (and everything else still work):-?.  If anyone has had success at this, let me know.  
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