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My Mom Found My Blog!

Started by Aaron Drake, 2003-11-15T18:42:00-06:00 (Saturday)

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Aaron Drake

Heh, heh, heh.  Gotta love The Onion's article on the guy who's mom found his blog.

In fact, Blogger has even created a funny little section on what to do if this happens to you.

What would all of you do in this situation?  Or better yet, what would you do if you caught your mom looking through all your files on your computer?  :-o  
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Michael Kennedy

You get into your parents PC and modify the hosts file so that onionology.com (no longer active) resolves out to something else.  :)  I actually had two versions of my blog at one time- one that was accessable to my parents (just since they knew it was up) and one that the rest of the world saw.  And yes- I also modified the hosts file on ym grandparents' PC.  :)
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Heheh Ebilness!!! heheh! Way to go! 8-)